Mowing, Planting, Yard Repairs, Triming, New Gardens Design.
Removal of Trees, Shrubs, Leaves & Snow.
Installation of Retaining Walls, Patios, Walk Ways,
Stone Swale & Drain Solution. Etc...
Haul Brush and Trash away


Established in 2006.

We are 2 brothers who have been doing Landscaping for over 20 years now and we decided to bring our expertise to create a business that does quality jobs, and works well with customers to help them make their home the perfect home!

Meet the Business Owner

Marvin and Jorge G.

Business Owner,

Marvin alongside his brother Jorge started their landscaping business back in 2006. Frustrated with the way other businesses did not focus much on quality and only on getting the job done without caring for the quality. This is when 2 Brothers Landscaping was born. They treat each home improvement project with a lot of care and attention. They focus a lot on the details to make sure every home gets the quality look it deserves! They work well with home owners to make sure every step of the process is done well. They both have over 20 years of experience in the field and the tools needed to tackle any home improvement project!